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A seamless and free way of analysing the what-if scenarios on the ranking of the winning suppliers on a comprehensive dashboard.

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About ProU

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Why ProU?

Every B2B business knows the importance of choosing the right contractor.

Designed To Assist

ProU is a service tool designed to assist companies to learn from past supplier selection decisions, to improve future decisions


Businesses can determine how effective, their supplier selection strategy is, based on supplier performance in projects


Aids in comparing selected suppliers past performances to their past scores and other suppliers score to see who should have been picked in hindsight


Free to use by SMEs that regularly procure raw materials, resources, and finished product from a pool of suppliers.

Artificial Inteligence

With the aid of advanced machine learning and predictive algorithm, ProU can select the right supplier based on project property

Integrate With Other Systems

ProU is an integrated system capable of converting existing project data within an organisation into decision support tools to help them decide what strategy to select suppliers with

The Power Of ProU

Proceed with a BREEZE, no matter how many suppliers or projects you may have

Supplier Performance Over a Time Period

Get an overview on the performance of all your suppliers based on different criteria such as quality, cost, etc over a selected time period.

Rank Suppliers For A Project

Select and rank different suppliers for a define project to get a quick and simple overview on the best suppliers to award the project to.

Evaluate Supplier On A Project

Evaluate a supplier's performance on a project after the project has been completed. This will help in determining suppliers best fit for future projects based on their performance on past projects.

Look & Feel

Get a peep into the look and feel of the UI/UX of ProU

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